Anatomy and Physiology Test - 6

1. Total volume of CSF secreted in 24 hourse is-
2. CSF found in-
3. When a person is sitting , the CSF pressur is about-
4. If a person is moves form lying position to sitting position then what effect willbe seen on CSF pressure-
5. Temperature regulating center of the body is-
6. Normal PH for arterial blood is-
7. Which of the following is related to vision testing-
8. When plasma enters the tissue it is called-
9. The transportation system of blood is-
10. Addition,s disease is caused by insufficency of hormone-
11. A nerve which supply blood to head and neck-
12. Insulin is secreted by-
13. Chyme is called-
14. Skull consist of-
15. Longest bones human body is-
16. The hormone controlling the use of glucose by the cell is-
17. T- cell is mature in-
18. O positive blood group not available in blood bank which blood may be given to patient-
19. Which enzymes immediatiy present after attack of myocardial infraction-
20. Hair colour in human turn white due to absence of which of the following pigments-