According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing-
Rigorous nursing research provides a body of knowledge that helps advance
nursing practice. The findings of such scientific inquiry may also help shape health
policy and contribute to global healthcare. Nursing professionals are committed to the
health and well-being of everyone. The research they conduct often has lasting
The National Institute of Nursing Research says that nursing research uncovers
knowledge to build the foundation of clinical practice and reinforce the

  • Prevent disease and disability.
  • Manage symptoms of illness.
  • Enhance end-of-life care.


  • Gather data or information on nursing situations or conditions about which little knowledge is available.
  • Provides scientific knowledge base from which nursing theories emerge and develop.
  • Helps correct, clarify and validate perceptions and expands these.
  • Provides theoretical and scientific basis for nursing practice.
  • Defines the parameters of nursing and identifies its boundaries.
  • Documents the social relevance and efficacy of nursing practice to people and health care providers.
  •  Describes the characteristics of the nursing situation about which little knowledge is known.
  • Predicts probable outcomes of nursing decisions in relations to client care.
  •  Provides knowledge for purposes of problem solving and decision making.
  • Develops and evaluates nursing theories, concepts and practices these for clarity and validity of nursing actions.
  • Prevents undesirable client reactions.
  • Develops a considerable degree of confidence. for the continuous growth of nursing profession.
  • Helps nursing to achieve its own professional identity.
  • Helps to identify the boundaries of nursing.
  • To define the parameters of nursing.for cost containment practices.

 Knowledge generated through research is essential to provide a scientific basis
 for :-

  •  Description – What exists in nursing practice and discover a new knowledge.
  • Explanation - Explanation the existing knowledge in relation to the effectand the outcomes. Like bed sore occur in the old people due to lack of mobility.
  •  Prediction – A nurse could predict the outcome on the bases of intervention.
  • Control – Ability to write a prescription to produce the desire result.

Research is defined as a process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting
information to answer questions or solve a problem. But to qualify as good
research, the process must have certain characteristics and properties: it must, as
far as possible, be controlled, rigorous, systematic, valid and verifiable, empirical
and critical.

The main qualities of good research are as below:

  •  It is based on the work of others.
  • It can be replicated and doable.
  • It is general’s able to other settings.
  • It is based on some logical rationale and tied to theory. In a way that it has the potential to suggest directions for future research.
  • It generates new questions or is cyclical in nature.
  • It is incremental.
  • It addresses directly or indirectly some real problem in the world.
  • It clearly states the variables or constructs to be examined.
  • Valid and verifiable such that whatever you conclude on the basis of your findings is correct and can be verified by you and others.
  • The researcher is sincerely interested and/or invested in this research.


  • Orderly and systematic process
  • Based on current professional issues
  • Begin with clearly defined purposes
  • Emphasize to develop, refine and expand professional knowledge
  • Directed towards development or testing theories
  • Finding solution of problem
  • Dedicated to develop empirical evidence
  • Strives to collect first hand information and Data
  • Generate findings to refine and improve professional practices
  • Use of appropriate methodology
  • Conducted on representative sample
  • Conducted through appropriate use of methods and tools of data collection
  • Use of valid and reliable data collection tools
  • Carefully recorded and reported
  • Adequately and appropriately analyzed Research Patiently carried out activity
  • Researcher’s expertise, interest, motivation and courage
  • Adequately communicated