Q.1 The accessory structure in the fetal circulation which connects the umbilical vein to the Inferior vena cava is called-

  1. Foramen ovale 
  2. Ductus venosus 
  3. Ductus arteriosus
  4. Ligamentum venosum 

Ans.Ductus venosus 

Q. 2 Which of the following legal acts of nursing is coming under Negligence? 

  1. False documentation 
  2. Medication error 
  3. Invasion of privacy of patients 
  4. Failing to report a change in patient's condition

Ans-Medication error 

 Q. 3 Which of the following antitubercular medications has the side effect of Peripheral neuritis?

  1. Isoniazid 
  2. Rifampin 
  3. Ethambutol 
  4. Pyrazinamide 


Q. 4 Which among the following is a 'Health promotion nursing diagnosis'?

  1. Risk for falls
  2. Readiness for enhanced self care 
  3. Impaired memory 
  4. Hyperthermia

Ans-Readiness for enhanced self care 

Q. 5 The ethical principle which states that the individuals are answerable for their action and have the obligation to act is-

  1. Veracity
  2. Fidelity
  3. Responsibility
  4. Accountability 

Ans- Accountability

Q.6 The use of information technology in the provision of nursing services whenever physical distance exists between patient and nurse, or between any number of nurses is called-

  1. Telephone triage
  2. Telenursing
  3. E­ nursing
  4. Nursing informatics


Q. 7 PowerPoint software is used for­

  1.  Designing presentation
  2.  Manipulation of data
  3.  Data analysis
  4.  Word processing

Ans-Designing presentation

Q. 8 HIS' refers to­

  1. Hospital information system 
  2. Hospital initiative system
  3. Health initiative system 
  4. Health information system

Ans-Hospital information system 

Q. 9 A registered nurse with advanced education who possesses additional knowledge and skills specific to computer technology and information management is­-

  1. Beginning nurse
  2. Experienced nurse
  3. Informatics innovator
  4. Informatics nurse specialist

Ans-Informatics nurse specialist

Q.10 Which type of cell reference in MS­Excel contains a formula which does not change when the formula is copied?

  1. Absolute reference
  2. Relative reference 
  3. Mixed reference 
  4. Data reference

Ans-Absolute reference

Q. 11 Which among the following is an example of Asynchronous E­ learning?

  1. Desktop conferencing 
  2. Online seminar 
  3. Screen sharing
  4. Computer based training 

Ans-Computer based training 

Q. 12 International AIDs Day is celebrated on __________.

  1. 11th November
  2. 11th December 
  3. 1st December
  4. 1st November

Ans-1st December

Q.13 Calculate the Expected date of delivery (EDD) using Naegele's rule, if a woman's first day of last menstrual period was February 11th 2018.

  1. 18th November
  2. 30th November 
  3. 11th November
  4. 1st November

Ans-18th November

Q. 14 Who is the principal worker in the ICDS project?

  1. Child development project officer 
  2. Auxiliary nurse midwives 
  3. Multipurpose health worker
  4. Anganwadi worker

Ans-Anganwadi worker

Q. 15 Nosocomial infections are also termed as­

  1. Iatrogenic infection 
  2. Primary infection 
  3. Idiopathic infection 
  4. Hospital acquired infection 

Ans-Hospital acquired infection 

Q.16 Which hormone is responsible for performing placental function during first 8­10 weeks of pregnancy?

  1. Estrogen
  2. Luteinizing hormone
  3. Progesterone 
  4. Human chorionic gonadotropin 

Ans-Human chorionic gonadotropin 

Q.17 A type of immunity that occurs when the vaccination of a portion of population provides protection to unprotected individuals is-­

  1. Passive immunity
  2. Contact immunity
  3. Active immunity
  4. Herd immunity

Ans-Herd immunity

Q. 18 The following are the major techniques for Time event network analysis EXCEPT-

  1. Gantt chart 
  2. Programme evaluation and review technique 
  3. Critical path method
  4. Linear programming 

Ans-Linear programming 

Q.19 The period of acceptance of loss during which a person learns to deal with the loss is known as-

  1. Idealization
  2. Bereavement 
  3. Mourning
  4. None of these 


Q. 20 Which is the most common HIV related malignancy?

  1. Kaposi's sarcoma 
  2. Hodgkin's Lymphoma 
  3. B cell Lymphoma 
  4. Neuroblastoma 

Ans-Kaposi's sarcoma

Q. 21 Which immunoglobulin can cross the placenta and can provide passive immunity to the newborn?

  1. IgA
  2. IgM 
  3. IgE
  4. IgG


Q. 22 Which is the appropriate site to administer Intramuscular injections in children?

  1. Ventrogluteal
  2. Deltoid 
  3. Vastus lateralis 
  4. Dorsogluteal 

Ans-Vastus lateralis 

Q.23 Which is the 'Problem defining phase of interpersonal relationship as per Peplau's theory?

  1. Exploitation phase
  2. Identification phase 
  3. Resolution phase 
  4. Orientation phase

Ans-Orientation phase

Q. 24 Which is the longest bone in the human body?

  1. Fibula
  2. Femur
  3. Tibia
  4. Patella 


Q.25 A system in which each patient is assigned to a nurse who has 24 hours responsibility for nursing care delivered to the patient is termed as­-

  1. Primary nursing 
  2. Functional nursing 
  3. Modular nursing
  4. Team nursing 

Ans-Primary nursing