RPSC Nursing Tutor Questions 2016

RPSC Nursing Tutor Questions 2016

Q.1 During MCHN day what are the major responsibilities of ANM-

  1.  ANC 
  2. Vaccination 
  3. Counseling 
  4.  All of the above 

Ans- All of the above 

Q.2 For the repair of body tissues which nutrient is required-

  1. Vitamin C 
  2. Carbohydrate 
  3. Protein
  4. Fats 


Q.3 The most critical time for a newborn just after birth is-

  1.  28 days 
  2. 15 days
  3. 7 days
  4. First 48 hrs 

Ans-First 48 hrs 

Q.4 IUCD is-

  1.  Permanent spacing method which protects from HIV 
  2. Temporary spacing method which can also protect from HIV 
  3. Permanent family planning method 
  4. Temporary spacing method under family planning 

Ans-Temporary spacing method under family planning 

Q.4  Mission Indradhanush program was launched to cover the dropouts and left out beneficiaries of-

  1. Malnutrition
  2. Immunization
  3. Leprosy 
  4. Tuberculosis 


Q.5 24x7 PHC should provide-

  1. 24hr delivery services 
  2. 24 hr emergency services
  3.  Both 1 and 2  
  4. 24 types of services

Ans-Both 1 and 2 

Q.6  Which of the following cancer is found more in females-

  1.  Bone Cancer 
  2.  Stomach Cancer 
  3.  Lung Cancer 
  4. Cervical Cancer

Ans-Cervical Cancer

Q.7  Sunita asks ASHA Sahyogini, “When will ANM visit our village?” ASHA replies-

  1. On third Friday 
  2. On full moon day 
  3. On second Saturday 
  4. On MCHN Day 

Ans-On MCHN Day 

Q.8  Indoor patient services are not available at-

  1. Sub-Center
  2.  CHC 
  3. District Hospital 
  4. PHC


Q.9 Community based interventions under RKSK are-

  1. Menstrual Hygiene Scheme 
  2.  Ujala Clinic 
  3. Weekly Iron and Folic Acid Supplementation Program
  4. Only 1 and 3 

 Ans-Only 1 and 3

Q.10 For calcium requirement during pregnancy and lactation, ASHA should counsel for-

  1. Eating green leafy vegetables
  2. Exposure to morning sunlight 
  3.  1 glass of milk everyday 
  4. All of the above 

Ans-All of the above

Q.11  Who is responsible for referral of malnourished children to MTC at the community level-

  1.  Teacher 
  2. Anganwadi Sahayika
  3.  ASHA 
  4. Anganwadi Worker 


Q.12  Rajasthan Chief Minister, Tata Trust and Antra Foundation have signed a MoU for bringing the MMR down in Rajasthan. The program related to this would be called-

  1. Anulom 
  2.  Akshar 
  3.  Maan
  4. Akshada


Q.13  Under NUHM program, those cities have been selected which have a population of-

  1.  More than 1,00,000 
  2.  More than 5,00,000 
  3.  More than 50,000 
  4.  More than 10,000 

Ans- More than 50,000 

Q.14  Which of the following pregnant woman would be considered as being at high risk-

  1.  Systolic and diastolic BP 140/ 90 
  2.  Height less than 4ft 10 inch 
  3.  Edema 
  4.  All of the above 

Ans- All of the above 

Q.15  When is the second installment of Mukhyamantri Shubhlaxmi Yojana given-

  1. When the girl child is two years of age and has been fully immunized for the age
  2. When the girl child is two years old
  3. When the girl child is one year old and has been fully immunized for the age 
  4. When the girl child is one year old  

Ans-When the girl child is one year old and has been fully immunized for the age 

Q.16  Partograph is used for-

  1. Graphical presentation of outdoor patients number
  2. Details of medicines of patient 
  3. Measuring progress of labour
  4. Admission of patient 

Ans-Measuring progress of labour

Q.17  ASHA soft can be used for- 

  1. Giving directions to ASHA 
  2. Monitoring progress of ASHA 
  3.  Providing counseling to ASHA 
  4.  All of the above 

Ans-Monitoring progress of ASHA 

Q.18 The scheme under which payment is made to an accredited organization/ NGO for conducting minimum 10 sterilization in a month-

  1.  Surabhi Yojna 
  2.  Santushti Yojna 
  3. Swavlamban Yojna
  4.  Jyoti Yojna 

Ans-Santushti Yojna 

Q.19  For eye donation, eyes should be removed within how many hours of death-

  1.  2 hours 
  2.  12 hours 
  3.  8 hours 
  4.  6 hours 

Ans-6 hours 

Q.20 With context to diarrhea in children which of the following is incorrect-

  1.  ORS can help to recover from diarrhea 
  2. Breast feeding cannot help to prevent diarrhea
  3. As soon as diarrhea starts, it is essential that child be given extra fluid 
  4. Children die due to dehydration in diarrhea

Ans-Breast feeding cannot help to prevent diarrhea

Q.21 What is true in context of HIV infection-

  1.  Some particular blood group persons are more prone to HIV infection
  2.  Males are more prone to HIV infection 
  3.  Females are more prone to HIV infection
  4.  None of the above

Ans-Females are more prone to HIV infection

Q.22 Which section of COTPA prohibits sale of tobacco products within 100 yards of educational institutions-

  1.  Section 6a
  2. Section 5 
  3.  Section 4 
  4.  Section 6b

Ans- Section 6b

Q.23 Which program has put more emphasis on developmental delays-

  1. MSLY
  2. JSY
  3. RBSK 
  4. RKSK 


Q.24  ‘Ek Mein Paanch Ka Dum’ is the tag line of-

  1. Pulse Polio
  2. Mission Indradhanush 
  3. Panchamrit Scheme
  4.  Pentavalent Vaccine

Ans- Pentavalent Vaccine

Q.25 Which of the following schemes come under Rajasthan Medical Services Corporation-

  1.  MMJRK 
  2. MNDY 
  3.  MNJY
  4. Both 2 and 3 

Ans-Both 2 and 3

Q.26  Which of the following white blood cell release histamine to play role in inflammatory reaction-

  1. Monocytes
  2. Neutrophils 
  3.  Eosinophils
  4. Basophils 

Ans- Basophils

Q.27 Nephrotoxicity is seen with-

  1. Rifampicin 
  2. Erythromycin 
  3. Aminoglycosides 
  4. Doxycycline 


Q.28 In Zollinger –Ellison Syndrome, the main manifestation is-

  1.  Peptic ulceration
  2. Watery diarrhea 
  3. Hyperglycemia 
  4. Hypocalcaemia and tetany 

Ans-Peptic ulceration

Q.29 Which of the following positions, the patient is placed for giving epidural regional block-

  1. Lateral 
  2. Prone
  3. Supine
  4.  Lithotomy 

Ans-  Lateral

Q.30  For a patient who is on contact precaution instructions, to give a bed bath, what would nurse instruct to use to a nursing assistant-

  1.  Gloves and goggles 
  2. Gloves and shoe protectors
  3. Gown and gloves 
  4. Gown and goggles 

Ans-Gown and gloves 

Q.31 The amount of blood that is ejected from the heart in one contraction is called the-

  1.  Afterload 
  2. Preload
  3.  Stroke volume  
  4.  Cardiac output

Ans-Stroke volume  

Q.32  The best procedure to remove the embedded IUCD in the uterus with missing thread is-

  1.  Laparotomy 
  2. Cystoscopy 
  3. Laparoscopy 
  4. Hysteroscopy 


Q.33 Prevalence is a -

  1. Mean
  2.  Proportion 
  3.  Ratio 
  4.  Rate 

Ans- Proportion 

Q.34  A patient who has undergone gastrectomy is likely to develop deficiency of-

  1. Vitamin K 
  2. Vitamin B1
  3.  Vitamin B12
  4. Vitamin A

Ans-Vitamin B12

Q. 35  Aschoff bodies are found in-

  1.  Peptic ulcer 
  2. Renal tumor
  3. Rheumatic carditis
  4. Rheumatic chorea

Ans-Rheumatic carditis