Assistant Nursing Superintendent Raipur AIIMS

Assistant Nursing Superintendent Raipur AIIMS Questions 

Q.1 A realistic expectation which is something that we believe to be true is-

  1. Conceptual framework
  2. Assumption
  3. Concepts
  4. Hypothesis


Q.2 Which is the point on a numerical scale above which and below which 50% of cases falls?

  1. Central Tendency
  2. Median 
  3. Mode
  4. Mean


Q.3 Which measurement denotes subjects from the heaviest to the lightest

  1. Ratio
  2. Ordinal
  3. Nominal
  4. Interval


Q.4 Purpose of recruitment is to-

  1.  Provide a pool of potentially qualified candidates for job
  2.  Interview and promote the candidate
  3.  Do staff promotion and training
  4.  Minimize labour turnover in the organization

Ans-Provide a pool of potentially qualified candidates for job

Q.5 Patient care method in which patient care areas provide various levels of care-

  1.  Team nursing
  2.  Case method
  3. Progressive patient care
  4.  Primary nursing care

Ans-Progressive patient care

Q.6 The leadership style in which the leader alone determines policies and makes plans is-

  1.  Autocratic
  2. Rewarded
  3.  Laissez-faire
  4.  Democratic

Ans- Democratic

Q.7 Headquarters of International Nursing Council is in-

  1. New York
  2.  Geneva
  3. Bangkok
  4.  New Delhi

Ans- Geneva

Q.8 Normal blood calcium level is-

  1.  60-90 mg%
  2. 90-120 mg%
  3.  9-11 mg%
  4. 135-155 mg%

Ans-9-11 mg%

Q.9 An amount of air which passes in and out of the lungs during each cycle of quiet breathing is-

  1. Residual volume
  2. Expiratory volume
  3.  Reserve volume
  4.  Tidal volume

Ans- Tidal volume

Q.10  The following method is used to observe the motility of a microbe-

  1. Hanging drop method
  2. Wet mount technique
  3.  Dry mount lamination method
  4.  All the above

And-Hanging drop method

Q.11 The most unreliable method of sterilization is-

  1.  Sunlight
  2.   Heat
  3.  Drying
  4.  Filtration

Ans- Heat

Q.12 Stocking adequate numbers and kinds of stores, so that the required material is available whenever necessary is-

  1.  Replacement
  2.  Inventory control
  3.  Procurement
  4.  Storage

Ans-Inventory control

Q.13 What is the ratio of chest compression to ventilations when two rescuers perform CPR on an adult?

  1.  30:1
  2.  15:1
  3.  15:2
  4.  30:2


Q.14 PEEP in ventilator given to-

  1.  Prevent oxygen toxicity
  2.  Prevent ventilator fighting
  3.  Avoid over ventilation
  4. Prevent collapse of alveoli

Ans-Prevent collapse of alveoli

Q. 15  Normal Intra cranial pressure is-

  1. 30-40 mmHg
  2. 120-100 mmHg
  3. 10-15 mmHg
  4. 60-70 mmHg

Ans- 10-15 mmHg

Q.16 While performing Romberg test nurse must ensure patients-

  1. Posture
  2.  Gait
  3.  Safety
  4.  Closing of Eyes

Ans- Gait

Q.17 The cognitive domain in educational objectives refers to........

  1. Attitude
  2.  Skills
  3.  Knowledge
  4.  Behaviour


Q.18 The reproduction of the essential features of a real-life situation is called as.......

  1.  Exhibition
  2. Demonstration
  3.  Module
  4.  Simulation

Ans- Simulation

Q.19 Video-Conferencing can be classified as one of the following types of communication-

  1.  Visual one way
  2. Audio-Visual two way 
  3. Audio-Visual one way
  4.  Visual two way

Ans-Audio-Visual two way

Q.20  Before rigor mortis occurs, the nurse is responsible for-

  1.  Providing a complete bath and dressing change
  2.  Removing the body’s clothing and wrapping the body in a shroud
  3.  Placing one pillow under the body’s head and shoulders
  4. Allowing the body to relax normally

Ans-Placing one pillow under the body’s head and shoulders

Q.21 All of the following are good sources of vitamin A except-

  1.  Carrots
  2.  Apricots
  3. White potatoes
  4. Egg yolk

Ans-White potatoes

Q.22 The nurse in charge measures a patient’s temperature at 102 degrees F. What is the equivalent Centigrade temperature?

  1.  39 degree
  2.  49 degree
  3.  48.1 degree
  4.  38.9 degree

Ans-38.9 degree

Q.23 If a patient’s blood pressure is 160/96, his pulse pressure is-

  1.  64
  2.  96
  3.  160
  4.  256

Ans- 64

Q.24  A person who works hard to increase his wealth is satisfying his-

  1.  Personal Motives
  2.  Social Motives
  3.  Biological Motives
  4.  None of the above

ANS-Social Motives

Q.25 Absorption of dietary Iron is enhanced by-

  1. Dietary fibres
  2. Tea
  3. Vitamin C
  4. Calcium

Ans-Dietary fibres

Q.26  Mass drug administration is related to which disease?

  1. Malaria
  2. Polio
  3. Filaria
  4. Chickenpox


Q.27 The population covered by the primary health centre in Tribal area is.....

  1.  10000
  2.  20000
  3.  40000
  4.  30000


Q.28 Palliative treatment is-

  1. Relieve symptom and improve quality of life 
  2. Radiation therapy used to treat cancer
  3. Surgery followed by chemo and amp; radiation
  4. Given as a first step to shrink the tumor before giving main treatment

Ans- Relieve symptom and improve quality of life

Q.29 Which of the following means translating the message into verbal and non verbal symbols to communicate the receiver-

  1. Decoding
  2. Encoding
  3. Channel
  4. Feedback


Q.30  Internal and external factors that affect message reception by the students in the classroom are referred to as-

  1.  Feedback
  2.  Fragmentation
  3.  Noise
  4. Channelization

Ans- Noise