NCL -Written test for the Post of: Staff Nurse (Trainee) 08-11 2020

NCL(Northern Coalfields Limited (NCL) ) -Written test for the Post of: Staff Nurse (Trainee) 08-11 2020

Q.1 HIV Virus basically consist of-

  1.  Single stranded DNA
  2.  Double stranded DNA
  3.  Single Stranded RNA
  4.  Double Stranded RNA

Ans-Single Stranded RNA

Q.2 Which of the following is the infection caused in ‘Lower respiratory tract’?

  1. Rhinitis
  2.  Pharyngitis
  3.  Bronchiolitis 
  4.  Meningitis 


Q.3 ‘TODAY’ is a –

  1. Vaccine
  2. Medicine
  3. Contraceptive
  4. A kind of antibody 


Q.4 Ascorbic acid is a –

  1. Protein 
  2.  Vitamin
  3. Enzyme 
  4.  Fluid

Ans- Vitamin

Q.5 The drug of choice for treatment of ‘Filariasis’ is

  1. Tetracycline 
  2.  Amphetamine
  3.  Dapsone
  4.  Diethyl carbamzine citrate

Ans-Diethyl carbamzine citrate

Q.6 Which of the following is the best diagnostic test for detecting Peptic Ulcer?

  1.  Barium meal Study
  2. Ultrasonography (USG)
  3. X-ray Study
  4.  Endoscopy

Ans- Endoscopy

Q.7 Edward Syndrome is related with?

  1.  Trisomy of Chromosome No-18
  2.  Trisomy of chromosome No-13
  3.  Trisomy of chromosome No-21
  4.  Trisomy of chromosome No-24

Ans- Trisomy of Chromosome No-18

Q.8 Which of the following is an example of Chemical disinfectant?

  1.  Burning
  2.  Boiling
  3.  Bleaching Powder 
  4.  Autoclave 

Ans- Bleaching Powder

Q.9 Fluid choice for treatment of Hypovolemic shock in a Burnt Patient is?

  1. Normal Saline 
  2. Ringer lactate
  3. DNS 
  4. GNS

Ans- Ringer lactate

Q.10 Which of the following infection is transmitted through Blood Transfusion?

  1.  Viral Hepatitis C & Hepatitis B
  2.  Malaria
  3.  Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection
  4.  All of the above

Ans- All of the above

Q.11 Uterine Inertia is-

  1.  Disorder of uterus
  2.  Disordered uterine contraction
  3. Inward Movement of uterus
  4. Absence of Uterus

Ans- Disordered uterine contraction

Q.12 How much Noise may cause mechanical damage?

  1. 150 decibel 
  2.  60 decibel
  3.  120 decibel 
  4.  85 decibel 

Ans-150 decibel 

Q.13 Which of the following drug prescribed by Psychiatry and is regarded as Minor Tranquilizers?

  1.  Animatic 
  2.  Antidepressants
  3. Antianxiety
  4.  Antipsychotic


Q.14 Which of the following is not a component of National Rural health Mission?

  1.  Asha 
  2. Janani Suraksha Yojna
  3. Under five clinic 
  4. RCH Program 

Ans-Under five clinic 

Q.15 Formaldehyde and Ethylene oxide are example of?

  1.  Natural disinfectant
  2.  Solid disinfectants
  3.  Chemical gases disinfectants
  4.  Physical disinfectants

Ans-Chemical gases disinfectants

16 Tocolytic drugs are such drugs which-

  1.  Increases GI Motility
  2.  Increases Uterine Motility
  3.  Reduces Uterine Motility
  4.  Reduces GI Motility

Ans- Reduces Uterine Motility

17 Putting a Bitter substance on the nails of kids who used to bite it is an example of which of the following therapy?

  1. Flooding 
  2.  Aversion therapy
  3. Hypnosis
  4. Systematic desensitization

Ans- Aversion therapy

18 Spirit should not be applied at the place where the vaccine has to be injected because—

  1.  it may cause harmful reaction
  2. it may produce necreosis
  3.  It may damage live organism available in vaccine
  4.  It’s a practice without having any specific reason

Ans- It may damage live organism available in vaccine

19 Which of the following Vitamin is most sensitive to the effect of Heat?

  1.  Vitamin-A 
  2.  Vitamin -C
  3.  Vitamin-K 
  4.  Vitamin-D

Ans- Vitamin -C

20 Alarming value of GCS requiring ICU admission is-

  1.  15
  2.  13
  3. 12
  4.  8

Ans- 8

21 Airway maneuver to open airway recommended in trauma patient is-

  1. Head tilt
  2.  Chin lift
  3. Jaw thirst 
  4.  B and C

Ans- B and C

22 Which observation in the newborn of a diabetic mother would require immediate nursing intervention?

  1.  Crying 
  2.  Wakefulness
  3. Jittering movement
  4.  Yawning

Ans-Jittering movement

23 Patient is admitted to the labor and delivery unit in active labor. During examination, the nurse notes a papular lesion on the perineum. Which initial action is most appropriate?

  1.  Document the finding.
  2. Report the finding to the doctor.
  3.  Prepare the client for a C-section.
  4.  Continue primary care as prescribed.

Ans-Report the finding to the doctor.

24 The patient is admitted for treatment of migraine headaches. The drug sumatriptan succinate is prescribed for the patient. Which of the following in the patient’s history should be reported to the doctor?

  1.  Diabetes
  2.  Angina
  3.  Cancer 
  4.  Cluster headaches

Ans- Angina

25 The head circumference of a normal infant is –

  1.  22-28 cm
  2. 28-33cm
  3.  33-35 cm 
  4. 25-39cm

Ans-33-35 cm 

26 What is the normal pulse rate per minute of an infant?

  1.  72-88 
  2.  88-120
  3.  120-160 
  4.  160-200


NOTE- For answering Question No. 27 to 30, read following case carefully then reply:
A 25 year old male comes to emergency department in comatose condition. His breathing is labored. Pulse 126 /min. BP is 82/44 mm of Hg.His pupil is unequal.

27 What will you do first?

  1.  Airway management
  2. IV line
  3. Send investigation
  4.  Inj. midazolam

Ans-Airway management

28 In above patient, IV fluid of immediate choice will be:

  1.  RL
  2.  DNS
  3.  NS 
  4.  Blood


29 After some time above patient develop cardiac arrest. What is the best place to check pulse?

  1.  Radial artery 
  2.  Popletial artery
  3.  Internal carotid artery
  4.  Anti cuboital artery

Ans-Internal carotid artery

30 At what rate chest will be compressed and what will be the rate of ventilation in same patient?

  1.  5:1 
  2.  15:2
  3. 30:1 
  4. 30:2


31 A patient of road traffic accident present with BP 76/34 mm of Hg and pulse- 133. He is conscious and oriented. Only injury observed was fracture of long bone of right leg with profusely bleeding wound. What immediate action should be taken?

  1.  IV fluid and oxygen.
  2.  IV fluid and prophylactic antibiotic
  3.  Stop bleeding by using tourniquet in thigh.
  4.  Call surgeon

Ams-Stop bleeding by using tourniquet in thigh.

32 A patient with depressed consciousness has lab report: blood sugar – 586mg/dl, urine ketone +++. Which IV fluid is preferable?

  1.  NS
  2.  DNS with insulin
  3. RL with insulin
  4. None of the above

Ans- NS

33 Malaria is caused by

  1.  Virus
  2.  Bacteria
  3.  Protozoa
  4.  None of the above


34 Example of transmission of disease through blood are following except

  1.  HIV 
  2.  Hepatitis B
  3.  Hepatitis E 
  4.  None of the above

Ans- Hepatitis E 

35 A patient was diagnosed as a case of pulmonary tuberculosis. He was started anti tuberculous therapy. He complains of red color urine. What to do?

  1.  Send urine for routine examination
  2.  Urine culture sensitivity
  3.  Surgical opinion
  4. Counseling of patient

Ans-Counseling of patient

36 A patient of hemorrhagic shock requires Blood transfusion. His blood group is B+ve. Blood bank informed that following blood group blood is available. Which blood can be used?

  1. A+
  2. AB
  3. AB +
  4. O+


37 The Heimlich maneuver (abdominal thrust) is used for a patient who has:

  1.  A bloody nose
  2. A blocked airway
  3. Fallen out of bed
  4.  Impaired eyesight

Ans-A blocked airway

38 One teaspoon contains …………. ml

  1. 2ml
  2.  5ml
  3. 10ml 
  4. 15ml


39 For infection prevention what will you do?

  1.  Clean cloth to patient
  2.  Change bed sheet daily
  3.  Hand wash before and after patient care
  4.  Antibiotic

Ans-Hand wash before and after patient care

40 What will you do for prevention of pressure sore in unconscious patient

  1.  Frequent position change
  2.  Soft bed
  3.  Hard bed
  4.  Proper hydration

Ans-Frequent position change

41 Transmission of hepatitis A virus is by-

  1.  Blood product
  2.  Infected food and water
  3.  Air born
  4.  None of above

Ans- Infected food and water

42 Transmission of tuberculosis is by-

  1.  Blood product
  2.  Infected food and water
  3.  Air born
  4.  None of above

Ans-Air born

43 Transmission of cancer is by-

  1.  Blood product
  2.  Infected food and water
  3.  Air born
  4. None of above

Ans-None of above

44 Transmission of typhoid is by-

  1. Blood product
  2.  Infected food and water
  3.  Air born
  4.  None of above

Ans- Infected food and water

45 What is the most important step to abort the sickle cell crisis-

  1. Hourly BP monitoring
  2.  Oxygen saturation monitoring
  3.  Hourly offering water to drink
  4.  Cooling by fan

Ans-Hourly offering water to drink

46 Patient has not passed urine in last 24 hour. It is termed as-

  1.  Anuria
  2.  Polyuria
  3. Oliguria
  4.  None

Ans- Anuria

47 There is 10-15 pus cells in R/E of urine. What it indicates?

  1.  Normal
  2.  Kidney disease
  3. Urinary tract infection
  4.  None

Ans-Urinary tract infection

48 40 years old lady has increased frequency of urine in night. What does it indicate?

  1.  Patient is diabetic
  2.  Patient has prostatitis
  3. Patient has problem in liver
  4.  None

Ans- Patient is diabetic

49 Patient has chronic kidney disease. He has been advised continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD). Where it should be done?

  1.  Only in well equipped hospital
  2.  In any hospital
  3.  At home
  4.  All of the above

Ans-All of the above

50 Patient is on thyroxin. What is the cheap and best way to monitor drug dose?

  1.  T3 level
  2.  T4 level
  3.  TSH level
  4.  none


51 Total no of vertebrae in sacrum is?

  1.  2
  2.  4
  3.  5
  4.  8

Ans- 5

52 Total no of vertebrae in thoracic reason is?

  1.  12
  2.  14
  3.  5
  4.  7

Ans- 12

53 Water soluble vitamins are vitamin-

  1. D
  2. K


54 Cerebral malaria is caused by-

  1. Plasmodium vivex
  2.  Plasmodium falciparum
  3.  Plasmodium malari
  4. Plasmodium ovale

Ans-Plasmodium falciparum

55 In which disease, blood does not clots?

  1. Thalassemia 
  2. Lung cancer
  3. Hemophilia 
  4. Diabetes


56 Filaria is transmitted by

  1.  Anopheles 
  2.  Culex
  3. Aedes 
  4. None


57 Normal sodium level in blood is

  1.  50-100 mEq/L
  2.  100-120 mEq/L
  3.  135-155 mEq/L
  4.  160-200 mEq/L

Ans-135-155 mEq/L

58 In ECG (V)1 electrode is placed in which intercostal space?

  1.  1st
  2.  2nd
  3.  3rd
  4.  4th


59 Alcoholic patient presented to you in unconscious state. What will you give?

  1. 10% D/W
  2. 10% D/W with thiamine
  3. 25% D/W
  4.  Mannitol

Ans-10% D/W with thiamine

60 A 60 years old patient comes to the hospital in emergency with acute gouty arthritis. An immediate nursing intervention would be to:

  1.  Relieve pain
  2.  Demonstrate crutch walking
  3. Teach dietary modification
  4.  Promote diurasis by administering diuretics

Ans- Relieve pain

61 The nurse is teaching a group of patients regarding prevention of foot ulcer. Which of the following she should be emphasized in teaching?

  1.  Wash and inspect all surfaces of the feet daily
  2.  Cut the toe nail by rounding edges
  3.  Treat small cuts promptly by disinfection with iodine
  4.  Use hot water bottles to warm feet in winterto improve circulation

Ans-Wash and inspect all surfaces of the feet daily

62 All are true about the signs of foetal deaths in early pregnancy except:

  1.  Signs of pregnancy subside
  2.  Uterus is small for dates
  3.  Brownish discharge per vagina
  4.  Foetal heart detection in ultrasonic scanner

Ans- Foetal heart detection in ultrasonic scanner

63 Cystic proliferation of Choronic epithelium is known as :

  1. Hydatidiform mole
  2. Oedematous Placenta
  3. Ectopic Pregnancy
  4.  Polyhydramnios

Ans-Hydatidiform mole

64 Vomiting persist throughout the day and woman's health becomes impaired is known as:

  1.  Morning sickness
  2.  Nausea vomiting
  3. Hypermesisgravidarum
  4. All of these


65 Serious signs and symptoms of preeclampcia are:

  1. Sharp rise in blood pressure
  2.  Increase proteinuria
  3.  Severe headache and visual disturbance
  4.  All of these

Ans-All of these

66 Effect of Polyhydramnios in pregnancy is :

  1. Prolapse of cord
  2.  Malpresentation
  3. P.P.H.
  4.  All of these

Ans- All of these

67 Which drug can be given in empty stomach?

  1.  Thyroxin
  2.  Pantoprazole
  3.  Both
  4.  None


68 Sequence of basic life support is-

  1.  ABC
  2.  CAB
  3.  CBA
  4.  ACB


69 Best route of giving adrenaline during cardio pulmonary resuscitation in adult is;

  1.  Intra cardiac
  2. Peripheral vein
  3.  Central vein
  4.  Intra osseous

Ans- Central vein

70 Fluid of choice in head injury patient is-

  1.  RL
  2.  DNS
  3.  NS
  4.  10% Dextrose