The Fetal Skull Bones

Foetal skull Bones-

It consists of Vault, Face and Base these areas also known as the Landmarks of the fetal skull.

1.Bone of the Vault-

There are five main bones in the vault of the fetal skull.

  • The occipital bone-lies at the back of the head and from the region of the occiput. the occipital bone separated by the lambdoidal suture from the parietal bones. while the coronal suture separates the frontal from the parietal bones.
  • The two Parietal bones-lie on either side of the skull. The ossification centre of each is called the parietal eminence. parietal bones separated by the sagittal suture.
  • The two Frontal bones-separated by the frontal suture. The frontal bones fuse into a single bone by 8 years of age.


2.The Face-

Is the area from the junction of the chin and neck to the root of the nose and supra-orbital composed of 14 small, non-compressible bones the point between the eyebrows is known as the Glabella the chin is termed the mentum and is an important landmark.


3.The Base –

Consists of bones that are firmly united to protect the vital centers of medulla.