Nursing Reserch


The word research is derived from the Franch term recerchier, a compound word composed of a prefix ,re,and  a verb ,search. Re means 'Intensive','Once again''Anew',or 'afresh'and search means 'To look for something or examine closely and carefully', 'To look information', To test and try'. or To prove'

Research is defined as a systematic and scientific process to answer question about fact and relationship between is an activity involve in seeking answers to unanswered questions.

Research essentially is a problem-solving process,a systematic, intensive study directed towards full scientific knowledge of subject studies.


"Research is the process of systematically obtaining accurate answers to significant and pertinent question by the use of the scientific method of gathering and interpreting information"

                                                                                                                                                                                                     [Clover and Balsley,1979]

Nursing Research

The ultimate purpose of nursing is to provide high-quality patient care.

"Systematic study and assessment of ursing problem or phenomenon;finding way to improve nursing practice and patient care through creative studies,initiating and evaluating changes and taking action to make new knowledge useful in nursing".


Nursing research develops, knowledge about health and promotion of health over the full lifespan,care of person with health problem and disabilities to respond effectively to actual or potential health problems. 

                                                                       [Commission of nursing research,American nursing Association,1986]

Nursing research is defined as a systematic search for knowledge about issues of important to nursing.

                                                                                                                     [Polit and Hungler,2001]