Nursing research Characteristic

Research- “To search again” or to examine carefully”

Research is systematic inquiry that uses disciplined methods to answer questions or solve problems. The ultimate goal of research is to develop, refine, and expand a body of knowledge.

 It is defined as a systematic search for answers to questions about facts and relationships between facts

Nursing research-

Nursing research is systematic inquiry designed to develop knowledge about issues of importance to the nursing profession, including nursing practice, education, administration, and informatics.

Nursing research refers to the use of systematic, controlled, empirical, and critical investigation in attempting to discover or confirm facts that relates to specific problem or question about the practice of nursing.

Scientific- because the results are verifiable that is, if you do it again under the same conditions, you will get the similar results.

The systematic method -Has an order and follows an acceptable procedure for doing the research.


  • Reliability/Generalization-Finding can be applied to situation or population larger than the one studied.
  • Control- Minimize bias and maximize the precision and validity of data gathered.
  • Empirical- Objective method of seeking information.
  • Systematic- Systematic fashion from identifying a problem to conclusion and recommendation.

A. The scientific method uses a systematic approach to problem solving. The investigator follows an order.

The major steps of problem-solving are –

  • Identify the problem
  • Define the problem clearly
  • Collect relevant data

Review - Examine the data and form the hypothesis (possible courses of actions) –

  • Select best course of action
  • Follow through the selected course
  • Evaluate the outcomes

B. The researcher controls factors that are not under study but may affect the subjects under study.

C. One of the requirements for the scientific investigation is to use evidence that can be observed and measured directly or indirectly through the human senses. The personal biases need to be avoided to make the data objective. This means observations are verified through sight, hearing, taste, touch or smell and sometimes other equipment such as stethoscope, ECG are used for collecting data. The term empirical is used with reference to objectivity where the empirical evidence consists of observations made by using our sense organs.

D. Generalizability of research findings refers to the characteristics of a quality research. The generalization answers; Can we go beyond the study situation? To what population settings or treatment can these findings be generalized?