Midwifery Nursing Test - 1

1. Hydatidiform Mole is an abnormal condition affecting-
2. Clinical features of hydatidiform mole is-
3. Fetal organ of placenta is-
4. At term approximate placental weight is-
5. Oral contraceptive pills need to be started On-
6. The action of spermicidal agents is to-
7. Short cord is then if the length of the umbilical cord is less than-
8. Most commonly single umbilical artery is seen in-
9. The umbilical vein carry-
10. The Placenta is said to be retained when it is not expelled out within-
11. What is duration of puerperium-
12. Vaginal pH during pregnancy is-
13. Largest cell in the human body is-
14. The normal vaginal pH during child bearing period is-
15. Denominator in face presentation -
16. How we can estimated EDD-
17. Which of the following grip is also known as umbilical grip-
18. Duration of latent phase in primigravida is about-
19. Duration of latent phase in multipara is about-
20. Partograph was first deviced by-