Midwifery Nursing Test - 10

1. Lochia is the vaginal discharge for first fortnight during puerperium which originates from
2. Complete breech presentation means-
3. Magnessium sulphate(MgSO4) is the drug choice for-
4. Braxton hicks are-
5. . The clinic nurse reads the results of a tuberculin skin test (TST) on a 3-year-old child. The results indicate an area of induration measuring 10 mm. The nurse should interpret these results as which finding?
6. A10-year-old child with asthm a is treated for acute exacerbation in the emergency department. The nurse caring for the child should monitor for which sign, knowing that it indicates a worsening of the condition?
7. The nurse is monitoring an infant with congenital heart disease closely for signs of heart failure (HF). The nurse should assess the infant for which early sign of HF?
8. The clinic nurse reviews the record of a child just seen by a health care provider and diagnosed with suspected aortic stenosis. The nurse expects to note documentation of which clinical manifestation specifically found in this disorder?
9. A feeding problem infants-
10. The hormone responsible for the development of the ovum during the menstrual cycle is?
11. Which principal factor causes vaginal pH to be acidic?
12. The vas deferens is a:
13. Cremasteric visits the clinic and is told that his sperm count is normal. A normal spermcount ranges from:
14. A woman using diaphragm for contraception should be instructed to leave it in place forat least how long after intercourse?
15. When assessing the adequacy of sperm for conception to occur, which of the following isthe most helpful criterion?
16. When Umbilical cord is inserted at the edge of the placenta is termed:
17. Which of the following is derived form mesoderm?
18. The average length of the umbilical cord in human is
19. Malpractice is an example of-
20. The third stage of labour comprises of-