Midwifery Nursing Test - 12

1. A client calls the clinic after a home pregnancy test is positive. Which hormone will be cause this result?
2. When teaching a client who is planning to get pregnant about the need to increase folic acid, which food can the nurse suggest?
3. Which common pregnancy condition can occur during the 3rd trimester?
4. Signs of separation of placenta are the following except:
5. Signs of true labour are the following except:
6. Labour takes place after …… days of last menstrual period
7. Normal sugar level in our blood is:
8. Deficiency of thyroxin in adults leads to a condition called:
9. The vaginal pH in reproductive period is
10. Which hormone is essential for milk production
11. Sperms are produced by
12. Which of the following is not excreted in breast milk?
13. Which prostaglandin helps in cervical ripening?
14. The condition in which the bleeding is so irregular and excessive that the menses cannot be identified is known as
15. Robert sign is found in
16. Internal rotation of the fetal head occurs during labor at
17. Fertilization of two ova released in different menstrual cycle is known as
18. During face presentation attitude of the head will be
19. What is the full form of HELP syndrome?
20. A suspected pregnancy is confirmed by the presence of HCG in urine or serum after how many days of missed period?