Midwifery Nursing Test - 2

1. The hormone responsible for maintenance of pregnancy is-
2. Amniotic fluid volume during pregnancy is-
3. Ketoacidosis occurs due to the deficient intake of-
4. The shape non-pregnant uterus is-
5. Commonest cause of bleeding at term is-
6. Partograph is also known as-
7. How much amount of absorbable iron contained by one tablet of ferrous sulphate-
8. Other name of normal labour is-
9. In a primary mother duration of second stage of labour is-
10. Foetus develop its own blood supply from week -
11. Cervical ripening occurs due to which hormones-
12. The onset of true labour pain in 3 cm dilation of cervix is called as-
13. About how much blood in mature Placenta contain-
14. Discharge of ovum from the ovary is referred as-
15. The Peters major 40 cm and weight 1.5 kg expected at weeks of pregnanc-
16. Station 'O' in decent indicate head is at level-
17. Jacquemier's sign is also known as-
18. Jacquemier's sign is-
19. Osiander's sign is-
20. Which of the following would be disadvantage of breastfeeding-