Midwifery Nursing Test - 3

1. During which of the following stages of labour would nurse assess crowning-
2. A woman had just given birth at 42 weeks gestation when assessing the neonate which physical findings is expected-
3. FSH can be ausculated with a fetoscope scope as early of the following-
4. Vulva is composed of-
5. What happens of GFR in case of preeclampsia-
6. A normal baby born to a mother having DM-
7. Which of the following is used to taking cervical smear-
8. Gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH)stimulates the release of-
9. Placenta is a organs that provide exchange of nutrients and waste products between mother and fetus is developed by-
10. The fetal blood vessels where is the oxygen content highest-
11. A nurse is performing an assessment of a primipara who is being evaluated in a clinic during her second trimester of pregnancy. Which of the following indicates an abnormal physical finding necessitating further testing?
12. After the first four months of pregnancy, the chief source of estrogen and progesterone is the:
13. A woman with preeclampsia is receiving magnesium sulfate. The nurse assigned to care for the client determines that the magnesium therapy is effective if:
14. A primigravida is receiving magnesium sulfate for the treatment of pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH). The nurse who is caring for the client is performing assessments every 30 minutes. Which assessment finding would be of most concern to the nurse?
15. A nurse is caring for a pregnant client with Preeclampsia. The nurse prepares a plan of care for the client and documents in the plan that if the client progresses from Preeclampsia to eclampsia, the nurse’s first action is to:
16. A nurse implements a teaching plan for a pregnant client who is newly diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Which statement if made by the client indicates a need for further education?
17. An expected cardiopulmonary adaptation experienced by most pregnant women is:
18. A nursing instructor asks a nursing student who is preparing to assist with the assessment of a pregnant client to describe the process of quickening. Which of the following statements if made by the student indicates an understanding of this term?
19. At a prenatal visit at 36 weeks’ gestation, a client complains of discomfort with irregularly occurring contractions. The nurse instructs the client to:
20. The nurse teaches a pregnant woman to avoid lying on her back. The nurse has based this statement on the knowledge that the supine position can: