Midwifery Nursing Test - 6

1. The true conjugate can be measured by subtracting ______ to the diagonal conjugate?
2. The two pubic bones meet anteriorly at the:
3. Upon IE, you noted that the cervix ix ¼ its original length. This mean that effacementis:
4. When the bi-parietal diameter of the fetal head passes through the pelvic inlet, this isreferred as:
5. Which of the following is not true regarding the third stage of labor?
6. Postpartum depression occurs during which time frame?
7. Fever, foul lochial discharge and subinvolution of the uterus are signs of:
8. A direct cause of mis-management of the third stage of labor is:
9. Nurse Tsunade referred to Diane to an Obstetrician. At 8 months she was orderd for acontraction stress test and the result is negative. Diane asked when she should be back forher next check up?
10. Every visit, you obtain the pregnant woman’s fundic height.. At what age of gestiondoes the fundic height in cm strongly correlates with gestational age in wks?
11. Because of rapidly rising bilirubin level, exchange transfusion was performed on Erica’sNB. The nurse understands that the blood to be transfused to the baby should be:
12. Which of the following findings in Erica’s history would identify a need for her to receiveRHo (d) immune globulin?
13. The cardinal function of deciduas is
14. O2 and Co2 are exchanged in the placenta through the process of:
15. The hormone responsible for the development of the ovum during the menstrual cycle is?
16. Which principal factor causes vaginal pH to be acidic?
17. The frenulum and prepuce of the clitoris are formed by the?
18. Cremasteric visits the clinic and is told that his sperm count is normal. A normal spermcount ranges from:
19. The nurse’s first action should be to:
20. With this type of deceleration, the nurse’s first action should be to: