Midwifery Nursing Test - 7

1. When assessing the adequacy of sperm for conception to occur, which of the following isthe most helpful criterion?
2. Magnesium Sulfate is ordered per IV. Which of the following should prompt the nurse torefer to the obstetricians prior to administration of the drug?
3. After several hours of MgSO4 administration to Melanie, she should be observed forclinical manifestations of:
4. Which of the following factors is the underlying cause of dystocia?
5. When fetal surface of the placenta presents a central depression surrounded by athickened grayish white ring, the condition is known as:
6. The average length of the umbilical cord in human is:
7. Genetic baby cannot be offered to the couple in
8. Causes for oligoamnios include all except
9. Amount of amniotic fluid at 12 weeks period of gestation is
10. All are features of Swyer's syndrome except
11. Which is the most common type of female pelvis?
12. Choriod plexus cyst in fetal head on ultrasound is associated with all of the following chromosomal anomalies except
13. All can be used in management of PPH except
14. Following evacuating of hydatidiform mole decline in HCG titres occurs at a rate of
15. For first trimester diagnosis of Down Syndrome which of the following testgives best results
16. Methyl dopa in pregnancy is which FDA category drug? A
17. Which dermatome approximates the level of the umbilicus?
18. PBAC Scoring is used in which of the following :
19. The formation of primordial follicles in human fetus is completed by
20. Endometriosis has not been reported in