Midwifery Nursing Test - 9

1. During a vaginal assessment on a patient who is 8 weeks pregnant, you note a bluish coloration of the mucous membrane of the cervix, vagina, and vulva. You would document this finding as what?
2. You are measuring the fundal height on a patient who is 20 weeks pregnant. Where do you expect to locate the fundus of the uterus?
3. A 15 year old found out she is 10 weeks pregnant. Which of the following would NOT be the MOST important information for you to assess during your prenatal evaluation?
4. A patient with HIV is 6 weeks pregnant. What would you educate the patient about?
5. A patient tells you she has used bath salts and marijuana during the first 10 weeks of her pregnancy because she "didn't know she was pregnant". Which statement is correct about substance abuse during pregnancy?
6. The client is seen in the prenatal clinic. She tells the nurse that she has been trying to get pregnant for the past six months. Which vitamin will help to decrease the chances of neural tube defects in the baby?
7. The client who is at 20 weeks gestation asks the nurse how much weight she should gain during her pregnancy. The nurse should tell the client that:
8. The doctor is performing an amniocentesis on the client at 17 weeks gestation to detect genetic anomalies. Which statement indicates the nurse understands the proper instructions for the client having an amniocentesis at 17 weeks gestation?
9. The client is admitted at 39 weeks gestation for induction of labor. If the doctor uses prostaglandin gel, the nurse should:
10. Vaginal examination in the laboring client reveals the anterior fontanel is toward the rectum. The nurse should chart that the baby is in which position?
11. The nurse who is caring for the laboring client notes a decline of fetal heart tones from 136 to 90 beats per minute after the acme of the contractions. Which action is most appropriate at this time?
12. The client is admitted with preeclampsia. Which finding requires that the nurse contact the physician immediately?
13. The client is admitted with fetal demise. A diagnosis of missed abortion requires that the fetus be evacuated by induction of labor. If the physician uses prostaglandin, the nurse should anticipate that the client will:
14. The client is experiencing a drop in the fetal heart rate. The decelerations are V-shaped and do not correlate to the contractions. The nurse is aware that this type of deceleration is which of the following?
15. How much extra kcals of energy is required in a lactating mother from 0-6 months of nursing the child?
16. The pelvic shape has the poorest progress from vaginal delivery
17. The cardinal function of decidua is
18. The dangerous placenta previa-
19. Multi system disorder of unknown etiology characterised by hypertension(140/90 mm of hg or above) with protenuria after 20th weak of pregnancy is called:
20. Vaginal bleeding after 28th weaks of pregnancy which is sudden onset, painless, causeless & recurrent is known as: