Misconception about Mental Illness

Misconception about Mental Illness-

There are still many myths floating around out there about mental illness, Some of them are:-

  •  Mental illness is caused by supernatural power and is the result of a curse or possession by evil spirit: Many people do not consider mental illness as an illness, but possession by spirits or curse that has befallen on the patient or family because of past sins or misdeeds in previous life.
  • Mentally ill people show bizarre behaviour: Patients in mental hospitals and clinics are often picturised as a weird lot, who spend their time exhibiting useless bizarre behaviour like twisting of hands, etc.
  • Mentally ill people are dangerous: People who have or had a mental illness are viewed with suspicion and as dangerous persons.
  •  Mental illness is something to be as harmed of This idea arouses an unsympathetic, cruel attitude towards a mentally ill person. This is the reason why many people hide mental illness in the family.
  •  Mental illness is not curable: People object to have normal relationship with mentally ill people, or to give them employment even after being cured, or even to accept them as neighbours.
  • Mental illness is contagious: The fear that it is contagious is the main false notion which leads people to view suspiciously, or object to marital relations with a person belonging to the household of the mentally ill.
  • Mental illness is hereditary: It is not a rule that children of mentally ill patients should become mentally ill.
  • Marriage can cure mental illness: A mentally ill person can get worse if he gets married when he is ill, as marriage can become an additional stress. A patient who has recovered can get married and live a normal life like any other person.
  • Mental hospitals are places where only dangerous mentally ill individuals are treated and restraint is a major form of treatment: People hesitate to take their relatives to mental hospitals for treatment because of fear. Further, as expatient of a mental hospital, he, as well as his family members are often isolated. Therefore, people seek help from mental hospitals only as a last resort.

General Attitude toward the Mentally I'll -

✔️ In general the community responds to the mentally ill through denial, isolation and rejection.There is also a lack of understanding of mental illness as any other illness, and a lack of tendency to reject both the patients and those who treat them.

✔️ Mentally ill are viewed as people with no capacity for understanding.

✔️People feel mental illness cannot be cured, and even if the patient gets better, complete physical rest is considered essential.

✔️The mentally ill are by and large perceived as aggressive, violent and dangerous.