Anatomy and Physiology Test - 1

1. Percentage of O2 in inspired air is-
2. Concentration of oxygen in expeired air is abouth -
3. Total number of intercostal muscles are-
4. In human body pituitary gland is situated in -
5. total number of chambers in human heart is-
6. Powerhouse of the cell is-
7. Sinoatrial nodes is located in which part of the heart-
8. The number of thoracic
9. Transformation of one type of ceii into another type is called
10. Number of lumber vertebra are-
11. Sacrum has -
12. Which bones is also know as collar bone (beauty bone)
13. Bone of upper jaw is
14. Only movable bone of skull is
15. The suture that joint the front and parital bones is -
16. The suture that joint the parietal bone with occipital bone is -
17. The bone that forms back of the head is -
18. Bone consist of
19. Sternum is a -
20. Example of flate bones are except -