Anatomy and Physiology Test - 10

1. A failure in lymphatic system to return body fluids adequately result is-
2. Acid base balance is regulated by kidney by excreting hydrogen ion and electrolytes to maintain the-
3. One of the function of cerebellum is to-
4. Which of the following is master gland which influence the endocrine gland-
5. Which of the following rules will be used to determine the extent of body surface after burn-
6. Which one of the following brain area that regulates body temperature-
7. The respiratory center is located in the part of brain-
8. The thickest human skin is-
9. Which one of the following organs breaks fat to produce cholesterol-
10. White blood cell act-
11. The fibrous tissue connecting to bone is called-
12. Most of the infection spread to the ear from throat through-
13. Maturation defect in RBC is seen in-
14. Two strands of DNA are held together by which of the following-
15. In which orgen does the maximum absorption of iron take place-
16. Which ion not given is impaired renal function-
17. In diabetic ketoacidosis which electrolytic replace-
18. Bile salt accumulation causes-
19. The rate of drug absorption is greatest in the-
20. A Decrese bone density called-