Anatomy and Physiology Test - 12

1. The power house of a cell is-
2. The cell organ which is related to synthesis of ATP is-
3. The cell organs synthesizes protein is-
4. Bones are-
5. Exchange of gas between alveoli of lungs and blood is take place by-
6. Amount of cardiac output in a healthy adult is approximately-
7. Which is the first artery of general circulation-
8. Pepsin is act as-
9. Kuffer cells are found in
10. Break down of RBC is known as-
11. Which vitamin is helpful in blood clotting-
12. Fertilization take place in
13. The only movable joint of the skull is
14. Total number of floating ribs are-
15. How is oxygen used by living organisms?
16. How many chromosomes are their altogether in a normal human cell?
17. The part of the cell that binds to mRNA during protein synthesis is a:
18. The reproduction of humans requires the genetic process of
19. What hormone does the pancreatic alpha cell secrete?
20. In females the effect of follicle stimulating hormone is: