Anatomy and Physiology Test - 14

1. The communication between left atrium and left ventricle is-
2. Jejunum is the part of-
3. The power house of human cells is -
4. Transformation of one type of cell into another type is called -
5. "Sinoatrial node" is located in which part of the Heart -
6. "Haversian canals"are found in-
7. Most reliable/important cardiac marker is-
8. Which cardio marker is less reliable in MI-
9. Which cardio marker is earliest elevate in MI-
10. Which enzyme indicate/specific to cardiac damage-
11. Which enzyme indicate/specific to Brian damage-
12. Which enzyme indicate/specific to skeletal muscle damage-
13. Dumping syndrome is a complication of-
14. Inflammation of tissues surrounding the nail is known as-
15. Vagus nerve is-
16. Sensitive pigmented layer of eye is-
17. The Nissl's granules of nerves cell are made up of-
18. Which nerve injury leads to wrist drop-
19. Inability to read small world held at usual distance is a primary feature of-
20. Removal of an entire lung is called as-