Anatomy and Physiology Test - 18

1. A patient who is receiving intravenous fluids develops tenderness, warmth, erythema and pain at the infusion site. Which of the following conditions will you suspect?
2. The trachea or wind pipe is made up of cartilage rings shape of the Ring is ?
3. Which area actually secretes renin into the blood?
4. Which blood vessels surround the loops of Henle?
5. The entrance into the kidney is called the _____.
6. The PH of saliva is-
7. Duration of ventricular diastole is?
8. Largest paranasal air sinus is?
9. What is the average length of ureter?
10. Which of the following is a tenth cranial nerve?
11. Cons receptors of eye , are mainly responsible for sensing?
12. Heart rate is initiated by?
13. Which of the following gland is an example of both endocrine and exocrine gland?
14. Which of the following cranial nerve is responsible for eyeball movement?
15. Largest muscle of Human body?
16. The Major extra cellular electrolytes are?
17. Which of the following neurotransmitter is present between neuron and muscle cell ?
18. Largest and most complicated joint in human body?
19. Which hormone is produced by pineal gland?
20. How many carpal bones are there in a hand?