Anatomy and Physiology Test - 19

1. Smallest cell of the human body?
2. How many number of C-shaped rings are present in trachea?
3. Which of the following is the heaviest bone of the body?
4. What is the life span of R.B.C?
5. Kidneys are composed of millions of functional units known as ?
6. Which one of the following is the largest Salivary Gland?
7. Which of the following is an only movable bone of skull?
8. Which of the following is modified and formed the rods and cones of retinal layer?
9. The outer layer of the eye ball is
10. Hormones are transported to all parts of the body through the
11. An adult has …… litres of blood in his body.
12. Life span of RBC is
13. The strongest and largest bone of the face is
14. Which of this nerves passes through the foramen magnum
15. The epithelial tissue which lines the urinary bladder is
16. Which structure of eye is helpful in changing the thickness of lens?
17. Spleen is related to?
18. Medial surface of the left lung has the following relation?
19. Islets of langerhans are present in: ?
20. Number of spinal nerves in man are?