Anatomy and Physiology Test - 3

1. Antibodies are
2. Antigens are
3. Phagocytosis is mainly done by
4. Cell mainly involved in immunity are
5. Cell mediated immunity is provided by
6. Antibody mediated immunityis provided by
7. The PH of saliva is ...
8. Thymus gland lies in
9. Payer ,s patch are found in
10. Haemolobin contains
11. Place where RBC s are produced is
12. Life span of RBC is about
13. Total amount of blood in human body is
14. The blood vessels which connect the artery and veins
15. The only artery which supplies deoxygenated blood
16. In following which is both exocrine and endocrine gland
17. In following which structure is also know as pacemaker of heart
18. The function of fallopian tube is -
19. Ovulation is defined as -
20. Smallest form of vein is know as -