Anatomy and Physiology Test - 5

1. At which age temporary teeth start to erupt in children
2. Largest taste buds are
3. Blood supply to intestine is done by
4. Total no. of salivary glands in human are
5. Accessory organs of digestive systems are except
6. In an adult weight of kidney is about
7. Which is the most common cantion in ECF
8. In following which is themost cantain in ICF
9. The artry which supply blood to kidney is
10. The functional unit of kidney is-
11. The PH of urine is-
12. Which is the largest vein in the body-
13. Diameter of blood capillaries are about-
14. In an adult normal value or BP is-
15. Location of SA node in the heart is-
16. Total period of one cardiac cycle is-
17. In cardiac cycle duration of atrial systole, ventricular systole and complete cardic diastole are respectively-
18. ECG is used for the examination of-
19. Mediastinum means-
20. Hypothalamus is found in-