Anatomy and Physiology Test - 7

1. Which one of the following ions helps in blood clotting-
2. Which one of the following is called the power house of the cell-
3. Identify the part of human stomach which connects /joint with oesophagus-
4. The main function of kidney is to-
5. Insulin is not administered through oral route because-
6. Which artery supplies oxygenated biood to the stomach-
7. Normal PH of urine is-
8. Maturation defect in RBC is seen in-
9. The mother has sickle cell disease father is normal chance of children having sickle cell disease and sickle cell trait respectively are-
10. The oxygen binding capacity of one gram of haemoglobin is-
11. Which among these is know as bad cholesterol-
12. Write the meaning of costo-
13. Takayasu is disorder of-
14. Projectile vomiting which is non bilious is seen in-
15. Which cell organism is first damage in hypoxia-
16. Thrombocytopenia stand for-
17. Cell with a horse – shoes shaped nucleus and abundant cytoplasma in a peripheral blood smear-
18. The normal PH of body fluid is-
19. Thyroid is effective only in the present of-
20. Water is mostly absorbed from digestive tract in the-