Anatomy and Physiology Test - 8

1. During swallowing food is stopped from entering the larynx by the-
2. Which is the following is an example of tissue-
3. Through which of the following organ maximum nutrition element in the blood are absorbed-
4. The bile produced through-
5. Pernicious anaemia is caused by a deficiency of-
6. Wilm,s tumor is tumor of-
7. An individual whose blood types is B may in emergency donate blood to a person whose biood type is-
8. Light rays entering the eye is controlled by-
9. Main product of protein metabolism is-
10. The blood contains-
11. Which portion of the heart receives oxygenated blood-
12. For assessing range of joint movement the nurse will ask the patient to move away from the body evaluating the movement of-
13. ATP does not form in-
14. The pancreas produces which two hormones-
15. ADE stand for-
16. Fluid balance is regulated by-
17. Electrolyte balance is regulated by-
18. Whate is asphyxia-
19. ECG change in myocardial infarction is-
20. Which of the following is an indicator of AIDS-