Anatomy and Physiology Test - 9

1. The normal mean pulmonary artery pressure is-
2. The normal intraocular pressure is-
3. Bleeding time is prolonged in all the following except-
4. Which blood group universal receipiat-
5. What is the action of parehormone in human body-
6. Which enzyme is help in fat digestion-
7. PH of blood-
8. A structural composed of two or more tissue is-
9. The basic unit of life is-
10. Which of the following is note the function of the liver-
11. Bilirubin is formed form-
12. The smallest bone of human body is-
13. The only artery which supplies deoxygenated blood-
14. Fault in male that may cause infertility includes-
15. Sickle cell anemia is-
16. Father of genetics is-
17. Hemoglobin formation needs both-
18. Which cranial nerve has the higest number of branches-
19. Gallow ,s fraction is used for-
20. Sex chromosomes are also called-