Fundamentals of Nursing Test - 1

1. Infected bandage discard in which beg-
2. Triage means-
3. Which position given to patient in sigmoidoscopy-
4. The choice of TURP solution for irrigation time-
5. Which steps of eye care-
6. De-cannulization means-
7. A head injury patient which alarming event soft surface show in patient
8. A nurse would assess that a patient is experiencing chyne-strokes respiration, when he has-
9. Objective data collection method except-
10. Ringer's lactate intra venous infusion solution does not contain which of the following
11. The first step of planning process is
12. Records and reports are maintained as
13. What should be the temperature of water used for cold sponging
14. The normal blood pressure of an adult is-
15. Angiography is X-ray visualization of:
16. Who is known as lady with the lamp
17. Which of the following is not found in urine?
18. The full form of AMBU bage is:
19. The heart beat rate of new born babies is generally:
20. A client's condition following cardiac catheterization is evaluated by palpating the pulse