Fundamentals of Nursing Test - 10

1. Oxygenated blood enters the fetal from circulation from umbilical vein via-
2. Which one of the following statements by a patient with backache should alert the nurse-
3. Which guideline a nurse has to fallow when caring for pressure soer?
4. How a nurse will teach breathing exercise for a patient with chronic bronchitis?
5. Nurse working in operation theatre must know,the risk of HIV infection with needle stick injury is about?
6. A nurse can decontaminate the HIV contaminated wast products with all the following,EXCEPT-
7. Aspermia is the terms used to describe-
8. A newly married healthy couple is asking for the best method of contraception and which one of the following methods a nurse will advIce-
9. Which is the usual site of intramuscular injection a nurse will chose in an adult for Z-track technique -
10. The size of the intravenous cannula used for neonate's is
11. Bleeding from the nose is known as-
12. Colours coding for nitrous oxide cylinder is-
13. The normal Cholesterol level is-
14. The appropriate needle size for insulin injection is-
15. While performing tracheostomy suction,suction time should be not more than-
16. Inflammation of the tongue is known as-
17. Lateral curvature of the spine is called as-
18. Medication used for nausea and vomiting is known as-
19. What is the position for thoracentesis is-
20. What is the most likely cause of urinary tract infection -