Fundamentals of Nursing Test - 11

1. The nurse is aware that Hell's palsy affects which cranial nerve-
2. If air bubble appear during chest drainage -
3. During ABG analysis blood is collected from-
4. The leading cause of death in adolescence is
5. The most common injury among old person is-
6. In human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)what kind of immunity is lost-
7. McBurney's point is located in which of the following quadrant of abdomen -
8. It is the gradual decrease of the body's temperature after death-
9. Amount of medicine can be injected into gluteal muscle is-
10. A-80 year old patient who had undergone knee replacement surgery which size of cannula is used for infusion -
11. In Maslow's hierarchy of physiologic need the need of greatest priority is-
12. Goniometer is used to assess -
13. Which of the following position is given to a patient with severe breathing difficulty is-
14. Nurse working in an operation theatre must know the risk of HIV infection with needle stick injury is about -
15. In suctioning a tracheostomy the nurse must remember that it is important to-
16. What is 'Cardiac polyp'
17. When providing discharge teaching for a client with Uric acid calculi,the nurse should include an instruction to avoid which type of diet-
18. Alpha thalassemia is due to
19. Immediately treatment for gas poisoning -
20. Which is essential for controlling the quality of nursing care-