Fundamentals of Nursing Test - 12

1. In lumbar puncture,the needle is inserted between -
2. The immunoglobulin found in mother's breast milk is-
3. Antidote for heparin is-
4. Which Guidelines a nurse has to follow when caring for pressure sore is-
5. The ANS of a hospital is considered as the-
6. While lifting a patient ,a Nurse bends on her-
7. The given fowler's position to a patient,the head end of the bed is raised to-
8. Wound dressing is done by using -
9. Urine sample for culture is collected from -
10. Common cause of bedsore is-
11. Bad breath from mouth is-
12. The most important person in hospital -
13. Which vein should be used first when initiating IV therapy is-
14. Mackintosh should never be folded,because
15. Pulse should not be counted with thumb because -
16. Red cross society was founded by-
17. In hospital waste management , plastic bag of which colour is not used-
18. 'Lund and Browder chart' is used for which of the following conditions -
19. Which of the following is not a parameter for "Glasgow coma Scale"
20. Sensitivity and reaction is tested by administering the drug -