Fundamentals of Nursing Test - 13

1. Most important aspect of hand washing is-
2. For assessing inguinal hernia what the physician will ask to do-
3. Thick yellow drainage from the wound is known as -
4. Aneurysm affect which layer of the artery -
5. Nurses fail to administer correct medication to patient this actions is-
6. During infection which of the following value will be elevated -
7. The type of illness characterized by short duration is-
8. Sputum sample for AFB need to collect in-
9. The equipment used in the examination of ear is-
10. Braden scale is used for assessing the risk for-
11. Which of the following is used to assess the function of brain stem -
12. Rectal Thermometer need to insert up to-
13. Cold calorie test used to check the functioning of-
14. The tube introduced into the rectums of patient to relieve gas is known as-
15. Degree of resistant against a pathogen is known as-
16. Solution of choice for bladder irrigation for a patient who is undergoing TURP-
17. If highest temperature is recorded in the morning and lowest temperature in the evening this kind of fever is known as-
18. Method used to assess urine specific gravity is -
19. Extent of burn injury can be assessed by-
20. Dehydration can be assessed by-