Fundamentals of Nursing Test - 15

1. The chamber of the heart that receives oxygenated blood from the lungs is.
2. Exchange of gases takes place in which of the following organ?
3. The nurse is ordered to administer ampicillin capsule TID p.o. The nurse should give the medication…
4. Another name for knee-chest position is:
5. A patient comes to the emergency department reporting a sore throat and earaches. The patient has a history of diverticulitis and emphysema with shortness of breath. Which route should the nurse use to obtain this patient's temperature?
6. A patient comes to the emergency department and reports pain in the hip. Which patient statement best reflects chronic pain rather than acute pain?
7. Which nursing assessment indicates a period of exacerbation?
8. A patient with moderate cognitive impairment who lives in an assisted living facility has been having more difficulty providing self-care over the past year. What intervention is most significant to ensure that the patient is receiving adequate nutrition?
9. A nurse plans to provide foot care for an older adult. What actions should the nurse include in this procedure?
10. Which skill should the nurse implement first when assessing a patient's abdomen?
11. A nurse is providing morning care to a hospitalized patient. Which statement by the nurse is most important before leaving the room after providing care?
12. A 12-year-old child is receiving intravenous patientcontrolled analgesia postoperatively. The nurse teaches the child and parents about the trigger connected to the pump and how basal and bolus doses of the analgesic help relieve pain. Later when the child is sleeping, the nurse observes one of the parents pushing the trigger to deliver a bolus dose of medication. What should the nurse do first?
13. A nurse is admitting a patient to an acute care facility. The nurse should explain to the patient that the most important member of the health-care team is which person?
14. A nurse is designing a teaching plan for a patient who speaks a different language. What is a reliable way for the nurse to facilitate patient understanding of the information?
15. A nurse is assessing the physical status of several patients. Which patient problem should be the nurse's greatest concern?
16. A nurse teaches a patient who is lactose intolerant about foods to avoid. Which food eliminated from the diet by the patient indicates an understanding about foods that contain lactose?
17. A nurse is developing a teaching plan for adults who are overweight. What teaching method would be most effective to promote behavioral changes?
18. A patient is taking furosemide (Lasix) daily because of hypertension. The nurse should teach the patient to consume one or more of which foods daily? Select all that apply.
19. A nurse is assessing a patient with the diagnosis of dehydration. Which assessment should the nurse document on the patient's record to support this diagnosis?
20. A primary health-care provider orders total parenteral nutrition for a patient. What should the nurse do when administrating this total parenteral nutrition to the patient?