Fundamentals of Nursing Test - 16

1. Which nursing intervention should be implemented regardless of the oxygen delivery system being used?
2. A nurse enters a patient's room and observes smoke coming out of an air conditioning duct. The nurse transfers the patient into a wheel chair, moves the patient into the corridor, and closes the door to the patient's room while exiting the room. What should the nurse do next?
3. A nurse identifies that a patient is experiencing a developmental stress. Which information about the patient supports this conclusion?
4. A nurse is assessing a postoperative patient's incision. Which clinical manifestation supports the conclusion that the patient may have a wound infection?
5. A nurse is caring for an obese patient with an abdominal surgical incision that has a separation of wound edges with a large amount of exudate. The primary health-care provider orders a wet to moist dressing with 0.9% NaCl every 6 hours. What is most important for the nurse to do when implementing this procedure?
6. It is the gradual decrease of the body's temperature after death-
7. If air bubble appear during chest drainage-
8. The stool discharge from the ostomy is called-
9. In brain death all are seen except-
10. The blood vessel which connect the artery and vein-
11. Stage of malaria fever include all except-
12. The system of storing and transporting vaccines is termed is-
13. One pint is equal to-
14. The most serious complication of fracture is-
15. Common type of fracture in childern is-
16. Serene is an example of-
17. Above what body temperatur, the term 'Hyperpyrexia' is used-
18. An immobilized client is at a risk for-
19. The founder of modern Nursing is-
20. What is the maximum duration of time the nurse allows an IV bag of solution to infuse in to a patient-