Fundamentals of Nursing Test - 18

1. In human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) what kind of immunity is lost-
2. Deep palpation is used to assess which of the following-
3. Thoracentesis is useful in treating all pulmonary disorders except-
4. What is the position for thoracenthesis is-
5. When should rehabilitation start-
6. Serous drainage from a wound is defined as-
7. Nasogastric tube feeding is to be given slowly to reduce the hazard of-
8. Position to be given to a patient recovering from general anesthesia is-
9. Asepsis means-
10. The position used to assess the extension of hip joint is-
11. To correctly palpate the patients skin for temperature determination,a nurse Will used the-
12. The following are absorbable sutures except-
13. Oedema is-
14. Which of the following chemical is most powerful disinfectant-
15. Intra osseous injection is given in-
16. An excessive vomiting and haemorrhage leads to-
17. 1 Teaspoon =-----------ml?
18. Physician ordered oral as well as nasal suction to a client, what you will do suction first?
19. Identify the isotonic fluid among the following?
20. Cleaning the bed sore has to be done from-