Fundamentals of Nursing Test - 23

1. The following is the most important purpose of documentation?except
2. To assessment of immobilized patient focus on the following except
3. An instrument placed against a patient's chest to hear both lung and heart sounds.
4. All of the following determine the workload of surgical case except
5. The type of day care surgical unit include all except
6. Shopping window of a hospital is
7. Supportive service of the hospital include all except
8. Whice is not the basis of classification of hospital
9. 1st step of investigation of epidemic is
10. Which is not a type of screening
11. Capability to identify who has the disease is done by measuring
12. Epidemiology does not include which study
13. New cases in population during a fixed period is determined by
14. Study which proceed from effect to cause
15. This step of the nursing process includes the systematiabc collection of all subjective and objective data about the client in which the nurse focuses holistically on the client physical, psychological, emotional, sociocultural, and spiritual aspect.
16. Warm bed is also know as-
17. Riger mortis first involve muscle of-
18. Wound dressing is done by using-
19. The fall of temperature in a zigzag manner to narmal is -
20. The best size for administration of blood transfusion to 19 - years old is-