Fundamentals of Nursing Test - 24

1. The first techniques used examination the abdomen of a client is-
2. One tsp is equals to how many drops-
3. In acute pancreatitis the level is greatly increased-
4. Nurse working in ICU, during examination doctor told patient have increase ICP , best position provided by nurse to patient-
5. Prolonged suctioning of the tracheostomy may cause-
6. It is appropriate for a nurse aide to share the information regarding a client’s status with:
7. When helping a client who is recovering from a stroke to walk, the nurse aide should assist:
8. The purpose for padding side rails on the client’s bed is to:
9. Exercises that move each muscle and joint are called:
10. To BEST communicate with a client who is totally deaf, the nurse aide should:
11. To avoid pulling the catheter when turning a male client, the catheter tube must be taped to the client’s:
12. A nurse aide MUST wear gloves when: (
13. To convert four ounces of juice to milliliters (ml), the nurse aide should multiply:
14. The LAST sense a dying client will lose is:
15. Time required to measure the Mantaux test:
16. Name of the oral Polio Vaccine:
17. Site for mantaux test:
18. Amount of solution used for evacuant enema in adults:
19. The Filariasis is transmitted by ……..
20. Speech centre is situated in: