Fundamentals of Nursing Test - 27

1. A 79-year old home health client with severe arthritis of the hands tells the nurse that she has difficulty instilling eye drops for glaucoma. What can the nurse plan to assist the client?
2. When caring for an elderly client who has visual and hearing impairments, which of the following should the nurse assess?
3. Which of the below is Not a role played by a nurse-
4. Which of the below is an example of unintentional tort-
5. The professional value of nursing that describes the right to self- determination is called
6. The term Veracity in the context of nursing values refers to-
7. Which of the below is NOT a part of the nursing process of planning?
8. In hospital, non infectious wastes should be discarded in
9. Infusion of 500 ml normal saline over 6 hours requires how many drops per minute when the drop factor is 15 drops per minute?
10. Color of nitrous oxide cylinder is
11. A Foleys catheter operates by the principal of-
12. Causes of bed scores are:
13. Measures of central tendency includes all the following except-
14. A true experimental study is a scientific investigation characterised by the following properties except-
15. It is consist of listing of steps , activities or behaviour which the observer records when an incident occurs-
16. The best way to decrease the risk of transferring pathogens to a patient when removing contaminated gloves is to-
17. The nurse is assigned to a patient who has a bacterial pneumonia and is under droplet precautions, which personal protective equipment (PPE) will she wear to deliver the meal tray-
18. Medical asepsis differs from surgical asepsis in that it is aimed at-
19. In which strength Savlon will be used to carbolize cot and mattress during bed making procedure-
20. Tubes and catheters are disinfected with .....