Fundamentals of Nursing Test - 3

1. Accreditation refers to one of the following;
2. Which of the following is not a parameter for glasgow com scale-
3. Which of the following data collection method has better subjectivity?
4. Nursing working in an ICU must be await of the ratio of chest compression to ventilation in CPR procedure is:
5. Fluid overload in a patient may cause:
6. I.N.C. established in-
7. Water hurmmer pulse is also know as-
8. Total cessation of breathing is called?
9. Term of tharacentesis refers to the
10. 0.45% normal saline solution is an example of-
11. Which of position provide the patient when given enema?
12. Height of the enema cane from anus when giving enema?
13. In infant most preferd site for intramuscular injection-
14. To avoid pulling the urinary catheter nurse should tape the catheter on patient's:
15. How long should a nurse wait after taking cold milk for recording oral temperature?
16. The best position to give enema is:
17. Total score of glasgow coma scale is:
18. One ounce is:
19. The difference between oral and rectal temperature is:
20. An agent that inhibit the growth of bacteria is: