Fundamentals of Nursing Test - 4

1. How will you find correct B.P. measurement
2. Fist/primary affect of cold application-
3. During ABG analysis blood is collected from-
4. Intradermal injection is given at-
5. Endoscopic catheter are sterilized by-
6. Amount of medicine can be injected into gluteal muscles is-
7. RL is a-
8. Under normal condition,the tidal volume is
9. Florance nightingale was born in-
10. Drug of choice for the treatment of malaria in pregnancy is-
11. The angle of insertion for intra muscular injection is-
12. Inflammation of the stomach is called-
13. The position used for the vaginal examination is-
14. 1 ounce is equal to-
15. Substence used to counteract the effects of poision is-
16. Loss of appetite is termed as-
17. Which of the following drug is the choice of treatment in drug induced anaphylactic shock-
18. Cause of respiratory acidosis is-
19. Contra-indication to cold application is-
20. Abbrevation S.O.S. means-