Fundamentals of Nursing Test - 5

1. Purgative enema is give-
2. Present of blood in stool is know as-
3. Full form of CPR is-
4. Intra osseous injection is given in-
5. Cynaosis is caused in case of-
6. While lifting a patient a nurse bends on her-
7. Insulin is injected in to-
8. Is the treatment concept for-
9. Wound dressing is done by using-
10. Tonicity of ringer lactate solution is-
11. An informed consent is obtained from a preoperative patient to prevent-
12. In following which is a contra indication for taking oral temperature-
13. The gas used for sterilization is-
14. Fumigation is a process of-
15. Fumigation is also know as-
16. 10% dextrose is a-
17. In world nurse letter E refers to-
18. In world nurse letter N refers to-
19. Rectal thermometer should be inserted in chlidren upto-
20. The normal pulse rate for an adult is-