Fundamentals of Nursing Test - 6

1. Thirsht control centre is located in-
2. The care that is provide to the patient after surgical procedur is-
3. Amount of fluid loss from the skin per day is-
4. Topical agent used for cleaning wound Is-
5. Abbrevation 'O.D.'means-
6. Abbrevation 'A.C.'means-
7. Appropriate size of rectal tube for giving anaemia for adult is-
8. For giving evacuant enema children amount of solution should be used-
9. The Enema given to destroy intestinal parasites is-
10. Knee chest position is also known as-
11. 98.6°F is equal to-
12. Smith's test is test for-
13. Early sign of parkinson's disease is-
14. The nurse should be kept in mind during I.V. infusion is-
15. Purpose of blood transfusion are except-
16. In a hospital waste sharp instruments should be discarded in-
17. Visualzation of the stomach is known as-
18. Function of potassium in human body is-
19. Mrs. Folerance Nighatangle was born on-
20. Painfull micturation is called-