Fundamentals of Nursing Test - 7

1. In Benedict's test which os the end colour indicates absences of sugar in urine?
2. Why nurse should keep unit ready for admission-
3. Foly-catheter use in-
4. To maintain normal breathing pattern, which position is beneficial:
5. Cessation of breathing for a short period is called-
6. Surgical needles are-
7. Which of the following is included in Orem's theory?
8. The nurse is preparing to take vital sign in an alert client admitted to the hospital with dehydration secondary to vomiting and diarrhea. What is the best method used to assess the client’s temperature?
9. This is the amount of air remained in the lungs after a forceful expiration
10. There are four catheter sizes available for use, which one of these should you use for 60 year old man?
11. There is a continuous bubbling in the water sealed drainage system with suction. And oscillation is observed. As a nurse, what should you do?
12. Which of the following if done by the nurse, is correct during NGT Insertion?
13. Kit supplied at sub centre is -
14. Appropriate size of endotracheal tube for an adult is-
15. Prolonged suctioning of the tracheostomy may cause-
16. Purpose of applying Restraints is-
17. Removal and examination of tissue for diagnostic purpose is known as-
18. The term ECG refers to-
19. Painful micturation is called-
20. The fall of temperature in zigzag manner to normal is known as-