Fundamentals of Nursing Test - 8

1. The function of hospital is-
2. In oliguria volume of urine is-
3. While taking temperature from rectal route in children thermometer should be inserted about-
4. The appropriate needle size for insulin injection is-
5. In which of the nursing process does the nurse analyse data and identify client problems-
6. In which phase of the nursing process does the nurse decide whether her actions have successfully treated the client 'shealth problem-
7. The nurse is assessing the patient admitted to the hospital with rectal bleeding. The patient had hip replacement two weeks ago. Which positions should the nurse avoid when examination this patients rectal area-
8. According to maslow hierarchy of needs which of the following is a basic physiologic need after oxygen-
9. Sudden redness of the skin is known as-
10. Which of the following may be considered a patients right-
11. Constipation is a common problem for immobilized patient because of-
12. Postural drainage to relieve respiratory congestion should take place-
13. The correct site at which to verify a radial pulse measurement is the-
14. Saline water is used to inflate the catheter Ballon because?
15. Saline water is used to inflate the catheter Ballon because?
16. To avoid the infection during I/v infusion the nurse should do?
17. What is odynophagia?
18. To calculate the dose of a medicine for a child which of the following formula is used?
19. Eye padding is applied unconscious patients to prevent?
20. Whic vitamin act as hormone?rather than vitamin