Fundamentals of Nursing Test - 9

1. Drug of choice for congestive heart failure is?
2. A patients has undergone mitral valve replacement having persistent bleeding from surgical incision in the early postoperatively period, which drug will be administered?
3. Which of the following action would a nurse take first when caring for a patient experiencing a cardiac arrest?
4. In acute myocardial infection which enzyme is raised first?
5. The "P"wave on the electrocardiogram correspond to?
6. Before endotracheal intubation some fact about trachea a nurse has to understand and all the following are true regarding trachea EXCEPT?
7. A nurse is caring for an old lady with osteoarthritis and all the following facts are true regarding osteoarthritis EXCEPT?
8. A nurse is caring for a patient with "Swine flue"and she has to give the drug of choice for "Swine flu "and it is?
9. Fluid overload in a patient may cause?
10. Nurse has to apply erythromycin ointment to a newborn child which area of eye she is supposed place it?
11. Which IUCD needs to be replaced only after 10 years?
12. Thirty yr old female complained of wetting her dress while coughing .which one of the following condition a nurse should suspect?
13. A nurse is caring an anemic patient. What finding should suggest her that it is acute blood loss anaemia?
14. To do percussion and postural drainage of lungs in bronchiectasis What body position of the patient a nurse should be use?
15. When helping a stroke patient nurse should assist-
16. How long should a nurse wait after taking cold milk for recording oral temperature-
17. Which type of solution causes water to shift from cells to plasma -
18. Bleeding time is prolonged in all the following EXCEPT-
19. How much oxygen a nurse should give to a patient with chronic respiratory failure-
20. The purpose of lymph is to trap