Medical Surgical Nursing Test - 1

1. Bell's palsy affect the -
2. Bucks extension belongs to a method of traction-
3. Agranulocytosis is characterized by-
4. Which is the best test for detecting liver dysfunction-
5. The destruction of alveolar walls is called-
6. Which is not STD-
7. Which hepatitis spread through oral fecal route-
8. A mysthenia gravis patient early symptoms-
9. Gout accumulation is-
10. Largest burn area according to rule of 9-
11. Lumbar vertebral disc herniation commonly in-
12. Lack of intrinsic factor is associated with-
13. Which of the following is the best source of vitamin B12-
14. Lyme's disease produces a characteristic and Annular circular rash known as-
15. In Klinefefilter syndrome ,no. Of chromosomes is -
16. Down's syndrome increased risk of-
17. Down syndrome occurs due to-
18. Hemophilia is associated with-
19. Rapid in infusion of Insulin cause-
20. What is Gout-