Medical Surgical Nursing Test - 10

1. Which of the following nursing actions would help the patient decrease anxiety during the preoperative period?
2. Which of the following is the primary purpose of maintaining NPO for 6 to 8 hours before surgery?
3. Which of the following is experienced by the patient who is under spinal anesthesia?
4. How frequent should the nurse monitor the VS of the patient in the recovery room?
5. The skin is shaved prior to surgery inorder to:
6. Immediately following spinal anesthesia,the greatest risk is:
7. When the patient vomits, the most important nursing objective is to prevent:
8. Headache after spinal anesthesia is due to:
9. Nursing measures for post-opthrombophlebitis include the following EXCEPT:
10. Modified radical mastectomy involves
11. Which of the following facts best explains why the duodenum is not removed during a subtotal gastrectomy?
12. In regards to the patient in the question above, which of the following options below is a nursing intervention you would provide to this patient?
13. Which of the following is a LATE sign of the development of a tension pneumothorax?
14. Which statement is CORRECT about a tension pneumothorax?
15. Your patient with asthma is taking Theophylline. Which product below should the patient avoid consuming?
16. Which medication below blocks the function of Leukotriene for the treatment of asthma?
17. The physician orders the patient to start taking Omalizumab. How will you administer this medication as the nurse?
18. A patient received a nebulizer of Albuterol. What is a side effect of this medication?
19. The term" blue bloaters" is used to describe patients with?
20. A patient with emphysema may present with all of the following symptoms EXCEPT?