Medical Surgical Nursing Test - 11

1. What type of chest tube system does this statement describe? This chest drainage system has no water column to control suction but uses a suction monitor bellow that balances the wall suction and you can adjust water suction pressure using the rotary suction dial on the side of the system. It allows for higher suction pressure levels, has no bubbling sounds, and water does not evaporate from it as with other systems.
2. A patient with a chest tube has no fluctuation of water in the water seal chamber. What could be the cause of this?
3. Restoration function is
4. Antiserum are prepared from
5. Which of the following is the appropriate route of administration for insulin?
6. Which of the following conditions is related to the development of renal calculi?
7. Of the following, which disease causes most death worldwide?
8. Ms. Babita is in the emergency room after being involved in a traffic accident. What would be an early sign of hemorrhagic shock?
9. A patient presents to the emergency department with a blood pressure of 180/130 mmHg headache, and confusion. Which additional finding is consistent with a diagnosis of hypertensive emergency?
10. A nurse is assigned to care for a postoperative male patient who has diabetes micllitus. During the assessment interview, the patient reports that he’s impotent and says he’s concerned about the effect on his marriage. In planning this patient’s care, the most appropriate intervention would be to..
11. Which of the following is NOT true about testes?
12. The old woman complains of pain. John noticed that the knee is reddened, warm totouch and swollen. John interprets that this signs and symptoms are likely related to
13. Meena, The old woman was now Immobilized and brought to the emergency room.The X-ray shows a fractured femur and pelvis. The ER Nurse would carefully monitor Martha for which of the following sign and symptoms?
14. The nurse performs a Mantoux Test. The nurse knows that Mantoux Test is alsoknown as
15. The nurse would inject the solution in what route?
16. Manjeet Alfred is now a new TB patient with an active disease. What is his category according to the DOH?
17. The nurse should insert the colostomy tube for irrigation at approximately
18. The nurse knew that the normal color of Michiel’s stoma should be
19. Wilma knew that the maximum time when suctioning James is
20. Nurse Mona knows that the normal IOP is